Adelaide, R & R brings my purpose into clearer focus.

Two weeks of R and R, have given me time and space to reflect over many aspects of my little adventure so far.
It’s nice to come back to a place I’ve called home for so long.
I’m out of step with everyone as time differences from Perth to Adelaide are 3 1/2 hours.
Also not keeping to time due to not working has shown me how conditioned we are to living by the clock for work.
In regards to my travels I’m mapping out the next leg and making preparations to soon be on my way.
I’ve been riding a large amount 100-200km at a time without a load to just keep my butt used to the saddle and my leg/lung power from deconditioning (it’s the Exercise scientist in me).
The Tour Down Under is here so cyclists aplenty are making car drivers more intolerant than normal. So due caution and care have seen I’ve not been skittled again.
My hands are almost back to normal. Slight tingles every now and again remind me to be gentle with myself, I’m no longer 20 and am not indestructible.

Not working a job for money (as I’m back in my old neighbourhood), has been stressful, as the conditioning I (as all of us) have had is that you “have to earn a living”, this haunts me somewhat.
After all…how can you contribute to society if you don’t work a job?

I see and hear all the people I know and love, as well as those I don’t, all talk about their lives with various aspects of this cultural narration point, as the underpinning notion of their lives.
To some I may seem a “moocher” right now.
I’m far from it.
Here now, with people I know gives me a real time opportunity to start implementing my ideas that were crystallised before I heard of Rob Greenfield or Mark Boyle.
I am working on exchanging my life’s “time”, my awesome and varied skills and abilities to provide what others need in exchange for what I need. And I find I’m needing very little. Which frees me to give and do a lot!

My best friend and his wife have given me a place to call home, when I need it. I love them both so dearly for this. In return I do what I can to show my appreciation and help in ways that I can. We have a few projects to do, Food gardens are the priority now!

The number one complaint I’m hearing from Perth to Adelaide so far is the cost of food, real food not processed chemicals and materials made to look and taste like food. Real food.
I’m gripped by an almost frenzied and righteous anger at seeing us all being wage slaves.
No one I know is “getting ahead” as costs for basics and staples such as food are increasing at an alarming rate.

So time for me to step it up a notch. Or four.

Being a herbalist, now amateur permaculturalist, and fan of all things “off grid” I plan on helping everyone I know here to set up food plots to grow an abundance of seasonal produce, to share it and start building relationships with others in their street.
I would like you to picture, to take 5 minutes and imagine this.
What would your street look and feel like if there were no lawns just food gardens?
People sharing their crops and getting together to make meals and sharing methods to utilise and preserve the excess?
Imagine the smells, the conversations with new friends, laughter, your kids growing up eating real food that truly costs pennies for pounds?

Imagine having an extra $200 in your bank balance, every week, as you didn’t need to go buy fresh produce and have it rot in you refrigerator within 4 days due to it being substandard and imported from God knows where from and God knows how long ago.
Food should be as free as possible!!

Meanwhile over 30,000 children die daily across the globe due to starvation.
Do some maths on that statistic. That’s 210,000 children a week, 840,000 children a month, 2,520,000 children a financial quarter!!
We here in Australia just finished having a media rage over a person killing a few innocent people in a cafe in Sydney.

Here in Australia food uncertainty (the ability to secure food) is on an alarming increase. Food wastage domestically is also at alarming figures. Approximately 30% of your food per annum goes in landfill.
Meanwhile we live in suburban wastelands…houses with manicured lawns and pretty trees, with footpaths and roads.
The contrast I see from having been out in the wilds to coming back into middle class suburbia is honestly horrifying.
What would happen if, by our actions we became more food self sufficient and the supermarket oligarchs decide to “pull on the choker chain” to bring us to heel, so to speak?

What would we do? How would this develop? What escalations would come? Would companies lobby local, state and federal government to ban domestic food production? How far would it go if we take back our sovereign right to work land for our own purposes?

I see a small cultural revolution immanent if we do not take our autonomy in regards to feeding ourselves.
After all buying bare essentials in a shopping hand basket means at least $50 dollars these days in either Coles or Woolworths.
How long will we the people of Australia tolerate this? Don’t look to the government to do much.
Do it yourselves!
There is a book I implore you all to read and apply called “One magic square” by Lolo Houbein.
If we all did this we would save thousands of dollars per year! Put that on your mortgage! Get debt free ASAP!

After all, for autonomy and independence from reliance upon money aka “a job” we need to be able to procure our essentials. Water food and shelter from extremes in climate (weather).
The challenge is you need land to do this.
How much money wouldn’t you need if you had no mortgage?

In all my travel so far I have seen huge tracts of land under-utilised solely for mono culture cash crops, be it pine plantations for lumber, pastoral grazing land for sheep and cows, to be reared for killing for their flesh. Water supplies hoarded and poorly utilised. All for what?
Quarterly profit margins.
We pay these.
In jobs most of us can’t take more than two full weeks off from or otherwise your out permanently.
What are you working FOR?
Or at you working to get AWAY from? Is it debt?
There is a large demarcation between these two.
You know what gets me out of bed in the morning and what I’m working for. It has nothing to do with the status quo and everything to do with freedom.
Smoky Ranger


Give so as to receive.

Today is the 20th of December 2014. Seven days till, I embark on my life affirming adventure. Having lots of “catch ups” and farewell drinks, Christmas is next week and everyone is under massive pressure to “get ready for the Christmas break”. Its truly amazing to see what was at one point in the history of the world, a nouveau slant on Ancient northern hemispherical calendar practices, now an excuse for a comingling of consumer and capitalist greed.

All in the spirit of “giving”.

I was at Elite cycles in Beaufort street in Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia, having my bike serviced and tweaked in preparation for next week. (A massive thank to all the staff, you guys are awesome, thank you for helping me make this happen)

I had an hour to kill, so I wandered over to the park and sat under some beautiful old trees and watched the world race by me. The only other person I saw, staying still, was a 60 something homeless man. He was dressed in what looked like his old tradesmans work blues. No shoes and very minimal personal effects. It was lunchtime, many people came out of everywhere to catch a quick bite and some harsh 39 degree summer sun, before heading to work again. No one saw this man, trying to stay cool, except for one woman. She had wandered to the park, strolled around and away again. She strolled back about ten minutes later, with a cooked chicken from Woolworths and a large 2L bottle of water. She strolled over to the elderly man, squatted down, talked with him and gave him the food. Both were smiling as she walked away in the midday heat. He ate the whole chicken, with gusto!

I watched the crows frolic in the shade, pecking around, eating what they found and sharing it with each other.

Think on this, O gentle reader…

We are the only animals on earth that procure food to horde it and then sell it back to each other. WHY?

Paraphrasing Mark Boyle from his TedX seminar:

“Prostitution is to sex, what buying and selling is to the acts of giving and receiving.”

For the second time in two years, I am giving away almost everything I own and now reducing my possessions to what I can carry on a bike. I know as my confidence in my innate abilities as a Natural Person rises to the fore, my reliance on “things” will reduce. I still aim to give as freely as I receive.
Giving and receiving are two points on a spectrum of part of the human experience of social interactions.

What do you receive by giving?

Smoky Ranger

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose”

Four weeks till I set off to travel a land that’s national highway covers 14,500 km (9,000 mi). Longer than either the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Canadian Highways! I suspect I will cover 30,000km by the time I’m finished. I’m riding up to 200km in a day. Sunday was 36 C degrees, sunny with a 15 knot headwind. I rode all day and felt great!

I’m waiting for the solar charger panel I’ve ordered to power the creature comforts of the laptop (for this Blog and writing novels), the camera (for immortalising my travels) and the new iPod (gifted to me, thanks Em XO).
If I wrote the complete inventory of all I’m equipping, I would hit my word limit before I could have my usual yammer 🙂 I’m kitted out to be able to forage, fish and hunt for food and water as I go.
At this stage I’m feeling like a caged wolf…pacing, disinterested in the usual.

My heart and soul are soaring across this land of my birth, plotting destinations to tour ( necessary to a point), I have many, many places and people to see during this long sojourn of mine.
I’m out there already. I just have to be patient for the physical world to catch up to my Heart, Mind and Soul.

Despite this excitement and hunger for adventure, I fear of losing.
I fear of losing my newly found daughter, the friends I’ve made, the clinic I’ve had quiet success with, money, comfort, flushing toilets with toilet paper 🙂
In the time I’ve been here, closer to my daughter, I have accomplished much. Yet not much on the material side of things. Its internal. Wounds healed, pasts put to rest, new relationships and friendships forged. Rather, inner resilience, knowing, soul truths, selfless love have all flowed to the fore in my existence. I’m truly thankful for each moment.

I will soon be more “alone” than most of us will ever be. For weeks on end I will see no one, totally reliant upon myself with no one there to help if things go wrong. What happens if I die? Or worse, maimed to the point of being trapped in the temple of my body and am cared for by others?

Part of this trip is for me to transition into living as a “Natural Person” (Google that up, how far down the rabbit hole will you go?) I plan on being of no fixed address, no money, no “career”, just a man. A man who writes and shares his tales with no thought of monetary return, just telling good stories for Arts sake. Who sings and plays his instruments for the sheer joy of music and entertaining people. Who heals and teaches people out of compassion and empathy. Who travels for the sheer wonder of the Cathedral that is the natural world we have become so inured to.

Can I live like Koa, Mark Boyle, Rob Greenfield, Mick Dodge? Independent, autonomous, harassment free, outside of the monetised society and yet still be a meaningful contributor and member of human community? Will I thrive? I suspect I will.

What I fear most, is leaving and having the time of my life and never coming back.

Let go and…Be.

Smoky Ranger