Fishing with bacon and The Position of F##k You. 7/8/15

I had a lovely catch up with Mr “D” and Dj McTastic, ostensibly to catch fish stock for their start up aquaponics farm. They drove a ways to meet me in the Riverlands region here in Southern Australia. 

Mr “D” is arguably a mad genius, he and Dj McTastic arrived an hour late (as usual 😜) with their fishing kits and Mr “D” had two 100 litre tubs to bring back fish to go in the aquaponic tanks.

But one crucial thing was missing…bait! Mr “D” has more ambition in his little finger than most people have in their entire lifetime. And his “can do, will do” attitude has, at times, carried him over the line when others would have failed. So Mr “D” cheerfully states, “it’ll be right, we’ll just use some bacon on the hooks!”

Dj McTastic quizzically looks at him and says, not a word. I had scouted out a few places to go along the river having seen many an old boy out earlier in the week catching plenty of fish. The weather sadly was atrocious! Howling winds and rain later in the day led to a series of comedies in errors. 

Mr “D” a competent angler set up the lines for him and Dj McTastic, for McTastic to cast his line out into the gale and watch his tackle just fly out into the middle of the river! Somehow Mr “D” forgot to tie it on…

I caught an excellent tree branch on a willow tree on my first cast! Talk about “pissing into the wind”, had to cut away my line as it was never coming off. A lovely group of people pulled up to the place you can see in the photo to have a picnic, with the alpha male of the pack cheerfully chatting with us that today was not a day to fish due to the approaching weather and something celestial making the fish uncatchable that weekend.

So we decided to move to another spot with the winds at our backs instead. Another cheerful chap told us of a good spot about 20 minutes drive away. So we packed up and toodled to it. Again another flying tackle and crazy wind!!! Bacon flies off hooks amazingly well…

Deciding today was not a day to fish we went back to a local park with a BBQ to cook the bacon we had left along with other goodies that the entrepreneurs had packed. 

As we were cooking eating and laughing in the steadily cooling day, we got to talking about how work/career has become synonymous with life, autonomy and the unconscious consensus of thought that you are only as free in the “modern world” as your purchasing power permits. 

We had all seen The Gambler with Mark Wahlberg and a scene that strongly resonated with Mr “D” sums it up. 

  “You get up two million dollars, any asshole knows what to do: you get a house with a twenty five year roof, an indestructible Jap-economy shit box, you put the rest into the system at three to five percent to pay your taxes and that’s your base, get me? That’s your fortress of fucking solitude. That puts you, for the rest of your life, at a level of fuck you. Somebody wants you to do something, fuck you. Boss pisses you off, fuck you! Own your house. Have a couple of bucks in the bank. Don’t drink. That’s all I have to say to anybody on any social level.”

Perfect synopsis of our global mentality. 

Now it’s a nice sound piece of advice. But again we all know you are only as free as you’re able to purchase that freedom. But are you? Houses are great for putting stuff in them, cars need constant cash flow to keep it on the road. The State always takes its lawfully deemed cut of any income. You need a constant flow of money to maintain that “modern basic living” standard and much more to add global travel etc to the list of acts of freedom.

I look at my moneyless nomadic minimalist lifestyle and realised this: 

“No day but today”                                     my needs in order are, water, food, protection from the elements, sleep, interaction with others. If you can procure those things inventively without money, you are in the ultimate position of “Fuck you.”

But then what!? This is what I’ve been experimenting with. Lead others to the waters so they may also drink, if they choose. Motivate encourage support and inspire others to emancipate themselves and support each other. 

Com and Munos , together and gift are the root of the term Community. This is what I believe is the ultimate position of “Fuck you”, enlightened anarchical groups of people pooling resources, in stewardship of the Earth, meeting our needs together and creating an emerging, progressive society of self rule, abundance, peace and freedom.

Smoky Ranger, sure can dream can’t he?


2 thoughts on “Fishing with bacon and The Position of F##k You. 7/8/15

  1. I find human nature to be intractable. If we look at the lessons of history we can see that greed is inherent in a percentage of humanity. The notion of a purely democratic governance seems doomed to failure. Rather instead allow capitalism to operate but with a social consciousness. Ergo, there will always be people that don’t want to work hard or want to do art and those that want to make lots of money. Point is it most likely costs more to police people than to give them a baseline existanance. It would cost less and we do good. It just means the wealthy just don’t get as wealthy as they do now.


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